Oregon Trail

by brendan on 03/15/2008

Oregon Trail
When: 3/15/2008 1420 Hrs PST
Where: +37° 27′ 58.43″, -120° 49′ 37.70″

We stopped at a rest stop off of 99. Dog pooped. There was a sign on the vending kiosk that said the facility was tended to by a blind person, certified by the state of CA. I wandered further and saw that there were two soda machines, two snack/candy machines, a hot drink (coffee/tea/cocoa) dispenser, an ice cream/frozen treat dispenser, and a bill changer. The place even had free wi-fi! That’s the way to do a rest stop, I say. Good call, blind person. You’re doing a fantastic job with this place.

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