Oregon Trail

by brendan on 03/16/2008

Oregon Trail
When: 3/15/2008 1935 Hrs PST
Where: +41° 18′ 39.14″, -122° 19′ 1.39″

We had been driving up and down hills (mountains) past lake Shasta, and it was starting to snow. We hit the town of Mount Shasta and we decided it would be wise to top off the gas in case the weather got worse and there were no “mountain gas stations” for a while.

In line inside the foodmart, there was a very drowsy looking native american man making confusing small talk with the cashier. She didn’t seem to mind, and even seemed to know him, though she did ask him if he was high. Then she told him to step aside so she could ring me up. He apologized to me and then went to stare at the slushee machine.

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