Oregon Trail: The End

by brendan on 03/16/2008

Oregon Trail
When: 3/15/2008 2345 Hrs PST
Where: Eugene, OR (The Residence Inn)

We made it to Eugene! To the Residence Inn, specifically. A welcome reprieve from the budget motels we had been frequenting along the way.

Let’s recap the trip:

Miles driven: 2853
Hours on the road: ~44
Sodas consumed: Too many
Motel 6’s visited: 3
Times dog “relieved himself” in a hotel room: 2
Times we were asked about the prius: 2
Cans of V8 consumed: 4
Highest point: 8046 feet (outside of Flagstaff, AZ)
Oil Changes: 1
Knives purchased: 1
Times I was lost at the Hoover Dam: 1
Pictures taken: Countless

I mapped the whole thing out in Google Maps, but I exceeded the number of stops you can add to a map so I had to break it into two parts:
Part 1 (St. Louis, MO to Turlock, CA)
Part 2 (Turlock, CA to Eugene, OR)

My pictures are all up, you view them here:

Once Ladyfriend posts hers I’ll link to those as well.

It was a very long trip, and we’re very glad to finally be off the road (though still not quite in our own apartment). Thank you to everybody who left comments or called or sent notes along the way, your support is much appreciated.

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  1. 03/17/2008ochophosphate says:

    Did you keep track of your avg. gas mileage in that newfangled space-car of yours? I’m sure you were hauling excess weight, but still… how did it fare?

    Have you spotted any Seidelmans yet?

    good luck, m’er f’ers

    btw, are you aware that your blog is browserist? I can’t even get it to try to post a comment in Firefox, and the “Word Verification” box won’t show up in Opera. I had to cut and paste this shite back in to IE just so I could type “jhzzgdsu” and verify that I am not a malicious bot here to post adverts for fat-chick porno sites. See how dedicated I am to running my mouth?

  2. 03/17/2008brendan says:

    Egad! Most of my readers are the IE type, so I figured I was one of the only ones who had that issue. I did some searching a while back and then gave up, but just now I think I might have fixed it. It is now working for me on Firefox, but I don’t have Opera on this PC to test. Thanks for the kick in that pants on that.

    Also, we got 40-45 mpg out there. And I completely forgot that russman moved out here. I should send him a note.

  3. 03/18/2008ochophosphate says:

    Holy shit-crackers, it works! Awesome show, great job.

    I think Russelpotamus is in Portland. I catch him on google chat err once in a while. Just shoot him an e-mail. Be sure to include a snapshot of your dog’s genitals… he collects that shit.

  4. 03/19/2008Courtney says:

    Good to hear that both of you made it ok and no one fell off the Hoover Damn!

    You guys are missed at work already!

  5. 03/19/2008Megs says:

    Well, I’m glad to hear that you had a good trip even though I had no idea that you had left…that’s one poop star for you.

    So much for that lunch…slacker. 🙂

  6. 03/19/2008Anonymous says:

    Hey I was checking out our blog about having aplastic anemia and your eye bleed. I also have AA and am 25 years olds. My left eye has the same eye bleed as you, I wonder if it is related?

  7. 03/19/2008Anonymous says:

    I will check back sorry if this is the wrog blog, and it was not the AA story

  8. 03/23/2008Princess of Power says:

    Oh finally I can leave a comment! As I said over at Lisa’s place – I loved reading these posts! What a fun idea! So how has your first week been?

  9. 03/29/2008ochophosphate says:

    So what’s it like up there, fatty?

    Have you climbed any trees yet?

    Are you still workin for rEnterprise?

    Where has Ore gone boys, where as Ore gone?

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