by brendan on 01/29/2009

It’s been a while…

Last week was a good week. Ladyfriend and I went and did a bunch of grocery shopping at the beginning of the week, and we actually used what we bought to prepare meals. No ordering in at all.

Barack Obama also became our 44th President. And that’s a pretty big deal. Now the commemorative plate and coin industry will have something to do for the next four years.

Not to be outdone, Comedy Central introduced HD programming the day after the inauguration. Which is nice, since I’ve always wanted to see the veins really “pop” on Stewart or Colbert’s foreheads.

I asked a bunch of co-workers if any of them would want to get back into shape with me by signing up for a team (relay) triathlon. The response was overwhelming – I have 12 people. So that’s good. Now we just have to get through the actual exercise part.

And to end the week, my office had a talent show. You never know how these things are going to go, but this one was a pretty decent success. None of the acts bombed (some were pretty good, actually), and nobody did anything grossly offensive (so HR was cool with it). Plus they gave us free popcorn.

This week, some ass clown ripped the badge reader off of our office’s front door. And that’s a pain, not just because it will cost us money, but because one of the managers will have to stand at the door and open it for employees until the security company can install a replacemet. Gotta love this “up and coming” neighborhood that I work in.

I have hope that this week can pull itself up, though, since we’ve still got a few days to go. And Friday is one of those days – so there’s a good chance that’s going to be good. Everybody loves Fridays.

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  1. 02/1/2009ochophosphate says:

    Your boy Aqua Man, aka Michael Phelps got caught taking bong rips at a party… potentially screwing him out of the 2012 Olympics.

    Mary Jane strikes again!

  2. 02/2/2009brendan says:

    Yeah, he’s a pretty big dumbass. I read that he could face a 2 year ban, so that wouldn’t necessarily keep him out of 2012, but it would keep him out of any FINA championships or other events that would qualify him for 2012.

    I also read a quote from Phelps that said he acted “not in a manner that people have come to expect from me”. I beg to differ. After a DUI, pictures of groping vegas waitresses, acting like a tool at Disney World, and otherwise generally making up for the childhood he didn’t have while swimming 5 hours a day – the pipe is exactly the behavior I would expect from him. Though I gotta say that a ban would be pretty harsh for a drug that is the opposite of performance enhancing.

    How long do you think it will be before that bong shows up on eBay?

  3. 02/5/2009ochophosphate says:

    Couldn’t agree more. Perhaps the herb retards his douchbaggedness? It really might be a good thing; he doesn’t have a very interesting personality.

    I hadn’t heard about the ban… the first report I read said something about the IOC’s “zero tolerance” policy for drug use that could jeopardize his future participation in their events. I really stopped paying attention otherwise. I have noticed that pretty much none of his sponsors dropped him. Someone on a sports radio show down here brought up the time Michael Vick was questioned at the airport for that drink/water bottle that the security inspectors thought smelled like weed. People were going berserk over that. Phelps is getting a light spank on the tush. He’s only suffering some negative publicity, a loss of some fan base, and maybe some boredom until he can race again.

    In the end he still looks like the giant from Big Fish.

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