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by brendan on 09/19/2009

I received another couple random emails from people about my aplastic anemia site this past month. For the last few years that’s happened only every month or so, but more recently it’s increased to a few a month. In light of this, I’ve decided to redesign the whole thing in a way that would let these visitors interact with the site more. I did some reading about content management systems and I decided to go with Drupal. I like nerdy projects like this, so getting to start a new one is always fun.

This is my old aplastic anemia site:

This is my new aplastic anemia site:

Well, it’s almost my new site. That’s a test server that I have it running on (.org) and once I work out the kinks, the new site will assume the address of the old site.

Anyway, being a work in progress, the new site has a few known bugs and to do items:
– OpenID doesn’t work yet
– Messages sent to another user via their profile cannot be retrieved
– No links page yet (this will be a prominent component)
– Need to set up creative commons licensing
– Maybe create a logo?
– Search doesn’t work for content (only Users?)

If you’d like to poke around and give me some feedback, I would be much obliged. A lot of late night work went into it, so a fresh set of eyes would be helpful.

(Keep in mind that I may not be able to import user IDs to the production server when I eventually turn it on, since that may be a little above my pay grade. So in the off chance that you are reading this post because you Googled “aplastic anemia” and found this site; please be patient with me.)

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  1. 09/22/2009benmcclanahan says:

    Looks good so far. Glad you chose Drupal. Now after you've figured out how to do stuff, I can ask you instead of fumbling my way through it. I haven't put nearly the amount of effort into my Drupal site as I'd like, but it's definitely fun to play around with.

  2. 11/15/2009ochophosphate says:

    The only thing lacking from the new site is the graphic of the little Grim Reaper fella that was tethered to the bottom left corner of the old site.

    He seemed to say: "welcome all ye rarely-diseased folks – I won't kill you… yet"

  3. 11/15/2009brendan says:

    I totally agree on the grim reaper, that is a great graphic.

    The design of the new site is pretty much stock, since I don't really know how to change all of the elements yet. Lil' Reapy is coming back as soon as I can figure out how…

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