by brendan on 04/3/2010

Eggbeaters seem like such a great concept. Very low fat, very little work. You just pour them into the bowl and start scrambling. In practice, though, they taste TERRIBLE. Nothing like real eggs. I tried supplementing with milk, butter, cheese; nothing helped. When I started to consider adding a real egg or two, I realized that was kind of defeating the purpose.

No longer welcome in my kitchen, these huckster eggbeaters are.

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  1. 04/5/2010Triple F says:

    Eggs have gained an unfortunate reputation. These much-maligned tasty orbs have been linked to everything from heart disease to leprosy. In truth, eggs–and I mean WHOLE eggs–really aren’t so bad. If you have recently become a vegan, then I can understand why you would try to avoid them. If you’re worried about the process of farming the eggs, Eggland’s Best sells very good organic eggs farmed from vegetarian-fed hens, albeit for $6 a dozen. In truth, I see no reason why eggs don’t deserve the full extent of our love and appreciation. Why else do you think they are always getting laid?

  2. 04/5/2010brendan says:

    No, I’m not a vegan. I really can’t imagine not eating dairy or meat products. And while I’d like to think I want sustainably raised or free range eggs, I don’t usually want to spring for the cost.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am still eating normal eggs. I like me the eggs. When I bought the Eggbeaters it was along with some real eggs too; I figured I could hard boil the real ones, and use the Eggbeater’s to make my scrambles. So it was just me being lazy, really.

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