EuroTrip 2011

by brendan on 10/23/2011

Every two or three years, Ladyfriend and I like to try and take a trip somewhere not close to home. This time around we went to Europe. We flew into Brussels and spent a couple days there, then took a train to Cologne and spent a couple days there, then train to Munich for a few, then finally a train up to Amsterdam where we spent our final three days and flew out.

My pictures are here on Flickr:

It was a great trip. Belgium was cool but I probably couldn’t find a compelling reason to ever go back. Cologne and Munich were the cleanest and friendliest cities. They also felt oddly “American” compared to Brussels & Amsterdam, since the Germans like normal (large) sized cars, sausages, beer & boobs – not unlike your average resident of say, Milwaukee or Chicago. And Amsterdam was the hippest city (and most expensive, by far), and also the easiest to get around in. Everybody spoke English, and the public transit was super easy to navigate.

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