It’s been an up and down kind of week…

by brendan on 01/25/2010

On Tuesday I had a car accident. I was rear-ended while waiting to make a left turn on my street. My headache from the accident is gone now, but close to $3000 in damage lingers on the back end of my Prius. The other insurance company is picking up the tab, so that’s good, but it was certainly a startling way to end a lunch break.

On Wednesday Liverpool beat higher-ranked Tottenham 2-0 to move up one spot to 6th in the EPL standings. It was a badly needed win for a team racked by injuries and struggling to meet high pre-season expectations.

Thursday morning the Supreme Court overturned limits on political spending by corporations, essentially declaring that spending to be a form of protected free speech. I don’t think this ruling will massively transform campaign finance, since we’re pretty firmly entrenched already in the cash fueled orgy that is corporate political influence. But it certainly won’t help things, and it’s just another nail in the coffin of the average American’s ability to determine the direction of their own country.
(I was a little surprised, actually, at how I found myself almost sad when I read the news of the ruling. And since nobody I know has any interest in reading about or discussing this sort of thing, on the blog it goes!)

Friday was a major milestone at work. I delivered the first of several working mockups for a website re-design we’re doing. I only really started learning this line of work a few months ago, and what I produced for Friday was the culmination of two online classes, three reference books, and many, many hours of trial and error. It is only the beginning; I have much more to do. But this small accomplishment went a long way to boosting my confidence, and it feels good.

This weekend is when my mother and her sisters will move Grandma into a home. My Grandma doesn’t want to go, expectedly, and the daughters aren’t all on the same page about the best way to proceed. It’s been a source of conflict for the last six months. I only hope that this weekend is a step in the right direction, after which healing can begin for everybody.

And today, the Colts won. Time to start planning a super bowl party.

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  1. 01/25/2010jimbarnard says:

    is this the grandma that i met??

    yes, the colts won… but more importantly- the vikings lost!!!

  2. 01/25/2010brendan says:

    Yes! You and I were probably the last people to move anything out of her condo until yesterday.

    For your well being, I'm happy the Vikings lost – though really I wasn't that invested in either fumble-happy team. Kenny Mayne did do a pretty funny SC sketch with the Vikings about Wranglers, though. So now that Favre is out I guess we can't make jeans jokes anymore…

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