LAS Invitational Winner!

by brendan on 04/14/2012

I was running a single elimination TV show tournament to determine what my next excuse will be for not going outside. This post is about the Final Round, so be sure to read about Round 1 and Round 2 if you haven’t already.

Thanks to some unexpected re-negotiations with our sponsor, the turnaround between the 2nd and final rounds took a little longer than expected. But our lawyers tell us all is well now, and we’re happy to report that the Laughing Cow Original Creamy Swiss still makes an excellent amuse-bouche to complement your TV watching. Find some at your local grocer today.

Without further ado; our final matchup:

The Walking Dead (AMC) vs. Game of Thrones (HBO)

The Walking Dead took the lead in the suspense category, no question. Being set in modern day helped, since you can imagine being right there with Rick and the walkers. But it did have a sub-plot I wasn’t a fan of, with Shane & Lori hooking up. Not looking forward to finding out how Rick comes to terms with that. As for Game of Thrones, well, it was no slouch in the plot twist category. There were almost too many sub-plots going on, with so many different characters and families all competing for airtime. It did have a leg up in the “Mighty Ducks” category, though, as far as knowing clearly who to root for or against. Ned Stark? Tyrion Lannister? Any of the Direwolves? I’m cheering for them. Joffrey Baratheon? Viserys Targaryen? I’m cheering against them. Simple. And sometimes simple is nice.

In the end, there were two of us with a vote – so a compromise had to be made. I wanted to see both shows continue, while Ladyfriend had a clear preference between the two. So we agreed that I’d vote for her choice, and she would no longer watch the Real Housewives of Anything while I was home. That’s a win-win in my book.

…and now for what you’ve all some of you have been waiting for… the winner is… Game of Thrones!

The LASI would like to thank the fine people at Laughing Cow (especially their benevolent and handsome legal team), AMC, HBO, and DirecTV. LASI specifically does not thank FX, on account of their short-sighted content distribution policy.

Thanks for following the first of many Limited Attention Span Invitationals. We’ll see you again next time.

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