Nobody eats ice cream in a bag

by brendan on 01/2/2010

There is a TV channel I watch called Current TV. Think of it as like a YouTube for TV, since everything they play is created and submitted by viewers. Unlike YouTube, though, there is an approval process so only the better made or funnier submissions get on the air.

A while back they showed a video about a service called Home James. That’s a service in LA where a chauffeur will drive a little motor scooter to where you are, then fold the scooter up to put in your trunk, then drive you home in your own car. It’s targeted at people who have been drinking, but already have their own vehicle with them.

In the clip, a chauffer named Lawrence talks about the service and then goes out to pick up a customer, who happens to be a very drunk and very funny German DJ named Flula Borg.

It’s pretty funny stuff. And it’s not a very long clip, but skipping to about 2:00 in will get you straight to the funny parts if you’re the impatient type.

So then it came on TV again recently, and reminded me how funny I thought the clip was. I went online to see if I could find the clip on YouTube – where I ended up finding the clip you just watched above.

After I finished watching the clip, I noticed one of the “related videos” that YouTube had decided might also be of interest to me. It was a video made by Flula Borg, the funny German who was in the Home James clip. He was responding to his fans and also introducing everybody to his roommate. I decided to give that one a look too, and it turns out that I know Flula’s roommate!

The David in that clip is David Giuntoli, a gradeschool and highschool classmate of mine. We weren’t friends in school, so we don’t keep in touch, and that made it even more surprising to come across him in this way. It’s a small world…

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  1. 01/3/2010jimbarnard says:

    awesome!! "i am a stupid"!
    i can't believe you know that deutscher's roommate!

  2. 01/5/2010FFF says:

    Dave Giuntoli. What a swell guy. After seeing him on Gray's Anatomy, and now this, I can only assume he's caught teh ghey. NTTAWWT.

  3. 01/9/2010ochophosphate says:

    I particularly enjoy the Home James website – because everything is touted with the initials of the service – so there is a lot of talk about HJ's.

    Such as:
    "The HJ experience"
    "An HJ exclusive"

    Is it preferred to call them to request an HJ?

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