Pie, Meet Face

by brendan on 07/22/2010

Ladyfriend took a pie to the face for charity. Be sure to click the HD button for the crispest pie in face viewing experience possible.

Many of her co-workers suffered similar fates. You can see their videos on my vimeo page: http://vimeo.com/brendangates

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  1. 07/22/2010jimmah says:

    ladyfriend took it like a champ!!! proud of her… pretty sure i remember her telling me how much she disdains pie.
    also, was that a julian rodriguez sighting??

  2. 07/22/2010brendan says:

    Indeed it was! And I think you might be right about the disdain for pie. Thank goodness they didn’t try to throw biscuits in her face. She might have had to cut somebody…

  3. 07/23/2010ladyfriend says:

    Thanks Jim! You’re right, I don’t like pie crust. Luckily this pie was just pudding and whipped cream, no crust.

  4. 07/25/2010Courtney says:

    Well, that was pretty much awesome! However, I think the goggles were a cheat!

  5. 07/29/2010jimmah says:

    i didn’t realize that crust was the dealbreaker of the pie scenario.
    i totally agree with courtney… goggles was bush league.

  6. 08/4/2010Lauren says:

    Ha! This is great, but goggles L? Come on now. I don’t think the *insert whatever group of people benefits from whatever charity was involved* would appreciate that lack of commitment to the process.

    And what is this NONSENSE about not liking pie crust and/or biscuits? The only reason I’ve ever eaten pie was for the crust…you can usually find the filling to my slice in the trashcan.

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