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by brendan on 06/9/2009

Fantastic bit from last night’s Daily Show on the 24 hour news networks:
(Clip is preceded by 30 second ad, but it’s worth the wait fo sho)

7-21-2009 Embed video broken (hulu took it down), working on finding a new source.

Speaking of Hulu, I’ve tried out their desktop app for a couple of weeks now and it isn’t half bad. There isn’t a ton that you gain from the app that going full screen on their website doesn’t give you, but it is a bit more slick of an experience. Worth a try if you use Hulu often, or ever, for your TV on PC needs.

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  1. 06/15/2009ochophosphate says:

    on Hulu App: the only major benefit I have seen so far is the ability to control it via remote if your system allows.

    If you have a Mac with a remote, I believe the Hulu App is fully compatible. You can surf like it's on-demand TV.

    I can't speak for PC users with Windows MCE or Vista. I have a SB Audigy Platinum that has a remote – I get so-so results using a 3rd party app called Intelliremote that allows me to control MCE, iTunes, Winamp and such.

    Hulu is good stuff either way.

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