The Limited Attention Span Invitational

by brendan on 03/24/2012

Ladyfriend and I have decided to do a little house cleaning on our regular TV lineup. We’re going to eliminate a show or two, and bring in a new face. I’m personally hoping “The Real Housewives of Anything” gets the axe, but that’s still to be determined. What we’ll bring in as a replacement, though, is the more difficult decision. An hour a week doesn’t exactly grow on trees, and we’re also committing to the related post-show discussions at work and through social media.

To assist with our decision we’ve taken shows that our friends have recommended, and entered the first episode of each into a single elimination tournament. Only the first episode of the first season will be allowed to compete in the first round.

The Limited Attention Span Invitational, brought to you by The Laughing Cow Original Creamy Swiss, features the following competitors:

The Walking Dead (AMC)
Seeded #1 for no good reason at all, we have received several very direct and almost angry “watch this show” recommendations for The Walking Dead. It also apparently manages to feature zombies and not be completely cheesy, so that’s impressive.

Mad Men (AMC)
Rounding out AMC’s sweep of the top two seeds, Mad Men hasn’t generated many recommendations since most of our friends assume we already watch it. The shock accompanied by “You’ve never seen Mad Men!?” tells us that we might be missing something good.

Game of Thrones (HBO)
I have no idea what this is about. Knights in armor? The Crusades? HBO’s strength-of-network factor, combined with FB buzz, earned this one an invite to the dance.

Justified (FX)
This is a crime show featuring that guy from Major League: Back to the Minors. At least three friends with generally good taste seem to enjoy Justified, and we needed a fourth to even out the bracket. So, they’re in. Please note that we reserve the right to replace Justified at any time with a substitute show, additional internet surfing time, or snacks.

The 2012 Limited Attention Span Invitational

Check back soon to see if your pick makes it to the finals!

And remember, The Laughing Cow Original Creamy Swiss pairs excellently with Triscuit crackers and at only 50 calories per wedge it truly is smart snacking. Pick up a pack today at fine grocers nationwide.

Update: The first round is finished. Read about it here.

This is what happens when Mizzou loses, badly, in the first round of the NCAA tourney and I stop being a basketball fan for at least another 7 months.

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  1. 03/25/2012Malcolm says:

    I’ve really enjoyed “The Walking Dead”, myself (unfortunately I’ve watched all that NetFlix has, and so until the next season appears, I’m stuck). My ladyfriend has just started watching “Mad Men” and loves it. I’ll be interested to see what happens next in your brackets.

  2. 04/21/2012Brendan Gates » LAS Invitational Winner! says:

    […] excuse will be for not going outside. This post is about the Final Round, so be sure to read about Round 1 and Round 2 if you haven’t […]

  3. 04/22/2012brendan says:

    Yeah, even though we picked Game of Thrones, I have a feeling that we’ll catch up to the current season and once that ends we’ll turn back to Mad Men or Walking Dead. Too many decent options to really only pick one, it seems.

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