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by brendan on 02/1/2010

I’ll be making some major changes to the website over the next month.

The first piece is to transfer domain registration to a new host. I know when I’ll be submitting the transfer request, but it’s up to the domains to play nice with eachother on the handoff. So that could be a few days, and it could be a few weeks. I already have an account hosting at the new host, so hopefully the transition will mean little to no downtime.

A preview of the new site can be had here:

(That link is just a preview – don’t bookmark it. When the new site goes live it will be at the same address you already know. My .org site is just my sandbox to play around in.)

I’m also taking steps to make sure that my feedburner feed will continue to work, even though I’ll be switching from blogger to self-hosted wordpress. So if you’re subscribed through feedburner you should be fine. If you’re subscribed directly to my feed address, that may end up breaking on you.

The second piece to the redesign will be my aplastic anemia site. I had a working mockup of a redesign a few months ago, but I think I’d rather start over again and try a different route. Not sure what I really want out of that site, but I’m in no hurry to figure that out either.

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  1. 02/1/2010FFF says:

    The beta of the redesign looks a little clunky–the blog portion, at least. I rather enjoy the current layout, but what do I know?

  2. 02/1/2010brendan says:

    No love for the new blog!

    To be honest, the move between hosts is really what's most significant about my changes. I'm going from Yahoo to Dreamhost, where I can deploy WordPress, or Joomla, or Drupal, or whatever I want. That increased flexibility means I'll probably tinker more, and you won't have to tolerate any one platform or theme for too long.

    So while I rather like the new theme, it won't be permanent. It's a free theme I found and modified, but my preference would be to create a theme for myself from scratch. And that will be the next evolution, time permitting.

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