You’ll never walk alone

by brendan on 08/14/2009

It’s official. I’m a Kopite.

Well, I don’t know if I’ve earned that title yet. But I am throwing my support behind Liverpool FC. I tried to follow Frank’s advice and pick a player first, that player being Fernando Torres – whom I watched score the winning goal in the Euro 2008 final. Frank also mentioned Steven Gerrard, Liverpool’s goal scoring captain, who seems like he’d be fun to watch. Then there’s Dirk Kuyt, the other pale blond guy that Gerrard passes the ball to. Between those three I think I’ll have plenty to cheer about when the season starts Sunday versus Spurs.

Arsenal was my EPL runner-up, mostly because of a tech writer that compared Arsenal to Google. It was an article that I decided to ignore, obviously, as he compared Liverpool to Apple – a company whose products I respect, but whose tactics I loathe. And AC Milan was my international runner-up, because they have the always enjoyable Ronaldinho.

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  1. 08/15/2009jimbarnard says:

    congratulations! i hope your fan/team relationship treats you well!

  2. 08/17/2009FFF says:

    Hey thanks for the bump and for taking my advice. Liverpool have a great chance this season. Following my own advice, my fondness for Michael Owen has led me to keep Manchester United in the corner of my eye.

    Also, glad to know you are still alive, as you have not sent a response to my wedding invitation, nor returned my email confirming/denying your attendance. Whats the deal?

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